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Your MagiQuest Myrtle Beach Discount:

Buy one Hour of Play and get a 2nd Hour Free. Valid at the Myrtle Beach MagiQuest location only. Must play both hours consecutively. Offer valid for The Ultimate Myrtle Beach Discount Card holder and up to 3 Guests. Not valid in July or August and not to be combined with any other offer or discount.

This discount is approved by Amanda Killets, Ops Manager
1185 Celebrity Circle Myrtle Beach, SC
Phone: 843-916-1800
Hours: Monday - Friday: 1 pm -8 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 11 am - 8 pm

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The Story of MagiQuest is your story. It is written by the Magi, and each one is unique. No other World allows you to shape history and affect change quite like the World of MagiQuest. The story is driven by character – and you are the leading character here. But characters must make choices, so be wise, Magi, because with choice comes consequence… MagiQuest, Broadway at the Beach, is an interactive live-action, role playing game where players embark on quests and adventures in an enchanted fantasy world using real magic wands to solve the mysteries of the game. It all begins with A Wand! The secrets of MagiQuest are unlocked through the use of a personalized Magic Wand that belongs to you! Your wand remembers you by name, and knows what Quests and Adventures you've completed - It also tracks your Gold and other points, starting from the very first day you enter the kingdom. You can use your wand at every MagiQuest location, and it will always know who you are. Once you know how to wield a wand, the world of MagiQuest can be yours!

Visit MagiQuest website click here.

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